What is Soul Smart?

Soul Smart.

I have planned, organized and talked about this concept for over a year now. I have made business plans and content schedules and all this abstract work that has held zero purpose for me. Telling myself I need structure to create, I need a routine to get things done. But, I WAS creating and getting things done, just not the right ones. So, here I go. Plunge article.
No checklist or proofreading. Just typing and posting.

I have a vision for all of this, I swear.
Right now, it is a bunch of empty, incohesive web pages. But, oh, if you could see my notebook. They’re full of ideas, insights, facts and symbols. I’m dying to share them all with you, so instead of theorizing when and what my next far future post will talk about, I’m going to come straight to the update.

Starting today, Soul Smart is a work in progress. A record of all my struggles, lessons and collected novelties and mysteries of life.
I hope it helps you. To learn, to see yourself, to connect and know what is really out there for all of us.

I’m going at this thing alone, so anyone feeling divinely compelled and all that…reach out!

Until next time,

Alexxx Moon

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