Your Birth Chart is Your Soul’s Destiny Map

Funny horoscopes can be found in cheap magazines or through generic websites, but you’ve found yourself here at Soul Smart because you saw something deeper than that. While some prefer to mock that which do not understand, I have always preferred digging for the truth, even when it’s challenging. When you take the first step in searching for astrology past predictions in tabloids, understanding a horoscope chart is the foundation for everything that is to come.

Some quick definitions to note concerning astrology:

Horoscope: Translation of a  snapshot of the stars, constellations and planets at any given moment from Earth

Birth/Natal Chart: The horoscope of the moment you were born

Zodiac: The chain/cycle/wheel of zodiac signs, in order from Aries to Pisces

For more definitions and key astrology terms, visit the Soul Smart Vault

Before you can really read your Celestial Map, you must understand what the hell it is you’re looking at and that’s what you’ll find in this article as we ‘draw’ your chart piece by piece.

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Use this template to follow along with the article. This template/worksheet combination is a HUGE asset for decoding charts or as personal reference.

The Zodiac and the Earth

It took me the longest time to wrap my mind around the zodiac and where these constellations are in relation to our planet, Earth. First, let’s start simple.

I was trying to complicate a concept that in reality is very simple. We all have different learning styles, gimme a break.

The infographic below shows the process of creating your birth chart.

Date, Time, Place

Each planet has a specific role in your birth chart and their placement is determined by three natal factors: time, date and place. The length of time it takes each planet to make a full trip through the zodiac varies based on its distance from Earth.

Old school astrology was done using an ephamapharis, but there’s plenty of high quality astrology software available now (and some for FREE in my Astrology Vault) .

The time of your birth can be vital to determine certain birth chart placements. The zodiac cycle runs at a pace of about 4 minutes for every degree of a sign, so knowing the exact time has the potential to change your rising sign, and your rising sign determines the entire placement of your chart.

While unfortunate for those who don’t know their exact birth time, it’s just the truth of the matter.

However, for the truly inspired and driven astrologer, trial and error methods can be implemented. Drawing a chart for the birthday and birth place for both midnight and noon is a common practice for those unsure of what time they were born. Being born in the day or the night holds large significance within astrology interpretations, so analyzing the extremes of each possibility may point a reader in the right direction if they know the general personality of their seeker.

Drawing The Birth Chart

Unless you’re committing months to drawing your chart alone, you’re going to want to use a calculator or some form of astrology software to create your accurate natal chart. Soul Smart hosts a simple calculator for reference. If you want a more decorative chart, check out the second link below.

Soul Smart’s Celestial Calculator

My personal favorite chart calculator

Once you’ve got the locations and layout of your birth chart, the pieces of your celestial soul map are coming together.

Look to your first house or your ascendant at the nine o’clock position. Your ascendant is the first sign your body ever experienced; it’s what energy you were born into!

The point directly at the top of your natal chart in the noon position is your Midheaven (MC). This is what you would see if you looked directly up into the sky the moment you were born from where you were.

Understanding the meaning behind the layout of your chart will help you fully understand your map and it also makes the whole process of starting out learning astrology much less intimidating. Understanding your birth chart relates to the Earth or a clock gives it that real world context many of us seek to confirm when studying astrology.

Need a quick way to understand the planets and signs you see in your celestial soul map?


The journey continues…

This guide should leave you with a couple key understandings as you move forward to pursue your celestial fate.

  • The horizon line divides a chart in half horizontally. This line represents your Ascendant and the beginning of the First House.
  • All birth charts are horoscopes and the zodiac is what we call the 12 signs.
  • Your time, date and place of birth all matter when drawing your natal chart.
  • Birth charts are not nearly as complicated as they look!
  • Your celestial soul map or birth chart is the closest map you’ll ever get to defining yourself and your life purpose.

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