Spiritual Guidance as my Prophecy

Find Yourself. Know Yourself.

Who are you?
Why do you have those particular bad habits? Face your specific challenges?
What makes you significant to those who love you or not significant enough to those who don’t?
What emotional urge do you fight everyday that you can’t quite identify?

Soul Smart provides spiritual guidance based on your personality traits, types and your celestial map given to you at birth through astrology.

I started Soul Smart on accident, almost. It all started with the idea to create my own personal tarot deck with a deck of blank cards I carried around and kept safe in their plastic for about five years.

Then, amidst the tarot card research and making an astrology chart gift for a (former) lover, I found the spark, the light, the passion.

After dedicating a year to full time research on tarot, astrology and psychology, Soul Smart developed through my personal notes and experience.

What did I learn? What did the stars and the cards tell me?

Spiritual Guidance. Nurturance. The Light.
It’s my calling.

I have never been a ‘mother Hen’. I find myself to be emotionally awkward at times. And as INTP, it can be hard for me to connect with others. But all my signs point to this.

To You.

We were supposed to meet. I am supposed to help and teach and nurture.
And You are supposed to grow.

Identify what needs nourishment in a FREE Life Audit or begin by defining who you are at the core.

As always & with love,
Alexus Opal
Soul Smart