Information Being Collected:

Only information needed to calculate astrological factors or to conduct an accurate Tarot or numerology reading will be collected in sessions related to these services. These may include but is not limited to:  full birth name, time of birth, birth date, place of birth. All information release by customer is voluntary and services will be rendered to the best of their ability with information given by customer.

Contact information may be collected to deliver products and services or to contact customer about promotions, updates or past orders.

Google Analytics collects user demographics for marketing purposes and is installed on this website for marketing purposes only.

How Information Collected Is Used

Personal factors such as birth dates, names and any other birth details will be accessed and utilized strictly for application of astrology purposes. No information that is not required for accurate services will be requested of customers.

In open formats of information exchange, including but not limited to, mentoring, tarot readings or guidance coaching, no information is required to be given by customer and services will be rendered to the best of their ability based on given information. No information received during these exchanges will be recorded without consent, traded, shared or sold by Soul Smart or its website. By contracting Soul Smart and its affiliates for open format communication, both parties are entering into a Confidentiality Agreement, which applies to all information exchanged by either party.

Contact information including, but not limited to, email addresses, phone numbers and addresses may be requested by Soul Smart. Contact information will only be used to deliver products, notify of promotions/specials/events or contact customer in regards to a previous purchase interaction.

Soul Smart will never send irrelevant, repetitive or unauthorized communications. Customers will have resources within every communication to notify Soul Smart to abort or modify communication methods.

Choice of Collected Information

All information requested by this website is completely optional. No information will be collected without notice and approval of the source.

Services will be provided to the fullest extent possible in case of undisclosed relevant personal information. Customers wishing to not provide all requested information in regards to products or services should be informed the accuracy and value of the delivered product will not be guaranteed as in full disclosure agreements.

Any information collected by external sources or plugins within this website is not protected by this agreement and site visitor maintains responsibility for any results of those external sources.

It is the sole responsibility of user to be fully aware of what information is being collected and to take necessary steps to change information collected. Soul Smart retains the right to decline or modify services rendered based on lack of information shared by customer.


All information collected by Soul Smart through forms and customer contact will be stored on an offline external device to protect any loss or transference of information. All communications will be deleted to the fullest capability on virtual or cloud networks immediately after transfer to external device.

There will be no sale, trade or otherwise exchange of any information collected by Soul Smart or their website; this includes personal identifying information and other data as well.

Website security and encryption is active on this website to protect data infringement and protect user privacy. Soul Smart offers no guarantee on reliability of this security and cannot be liable for any infringements due to website security.


By using Soul Smart’s services and website, users agree to all terms as outlined in this notice. This privacy policy is subject to change, without notice, and will be enforced in all relevant conflicts.

Soul Smart makes the commitment to transparency and accountability. If you feel like these terms are not being upheld, please contact us for a corrective consultation using the information provided on the contact page.